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lazy conscience.

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May. 20th, 2009 | 08:47 pm

Fuck, I've gotten so lazy. Or I've just stayed lazy this whole year, but things are better this quarter. I really wanna get back into filmmaking and being busy with it. I feel incompetent in my filmmaking abilities after not being involved this whole year. Part of the reason for that is because I wasn't sure where to start I guess, film-freshmen kinda just intern on random things... I DID try to intern on something during winter quarter, but it was in the middle of midterms and papers so it was a failed attempt.

I haven't really been going to film class but I went today for a screening, "The Celebration". Danish film-- it was good. I was motivated to take my own notes on it when no one usually does. Basically, it's about this dysfunctional German family at the father's 60th birthday; the plot was well-done and the screenwriting was terrific (lol at my film criticism). It actually made me about-to-tear, and I haven't been tear-jerked in a while. It reminded me of The Royal Tenenbaums a bit, too.

There are so many great films out there, I wanna watch all of them, I wish I've been watching all of them. Last night, I saw fucken' BLADES OF GLORY, but only the first half of it. I can't believe I haven't seen it before. That movie is loaded with stereotypes, it's ridiculously entertaining.

I really wanna make my own film(s) though. Even if it's something small. I think it'd be really nice to have some creative creation of my own, but most of all, something legitimate to pride myself in (and not just my Chapman University submission). I wanna do this all now, before production classes and 106's (big film projects), which are in like junior year.
I've been thinking of getting a Nikon D90 because it has amazing video quality, and since I'm a Nikon DSLR user anyway. It's not as consistent as a DV camera, but I still dig 'cause I'm big into aesthetics.

Yeah. Just thinking about my "life interest". Feelin' obligated towards it.

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